TargetResponseOFFONPlay kickhihatssnareoverheads+1 dB0 dB+2 dB-1 dB Match the gain structure of the target soundTo which instrument has reverb been applied?BassGuitarPianoHard ClippingSoft ClippingTapeTube -101dBdBdBRecreate the delay pattern of the target sound1234561/81/41/81/21/41/8Time Match the compression settings of the target sound attackreleaseratiothreshold20 ms150 ms4:1-36 dBWhat frequency is boosted by 9dB?31Hz63Hz125Hz250Hz500Hz1kHz2kHz4kHz8kHz16kHz181260-6-12-18 Which sound has more reverb? A or B?AB What type of distortion has been applied?How much gain has been applied to the sound?Match the cut-off frequency of the highpass filter

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